CAPS (Community Accreditation for Produce Safety)

2017 CAPS Deadlines

CAPS # Description Application Deadline
1-12 Produce Safety Plan Draft April 1
1-12 Produce Safety Plan Final June 15
13 Employee Training Verification July 15
14 Manure and Compost Records November 1
15 Farm Containers – Photos and Management November 1
16 Potable Water Test November 1
17 Washing raw eaten crop—Photos and SOP November 1
18 Cold Storage and Thermometer Photos November 1


CAPS Program Development Timeline

Updated Jan 3, 2017


2014 September VVBGA Community Accreditation for Produce Safety (CAPS) initiated.

CAPS advisory board formed.

CAPS Advisory website created.

CAPS policies drafted.

2014 October CAPS materials and templates drafted and reviewed by CAPS Advisers.
2014 December CAPS materials and policies adopted by VVBGA Board.

CAPS On-line platform ready for testing.

2105 February 2015 CAPS requirements finalized by CAPS Advisers.
2015 April 100 VVBGA farms sign into CAPS platform and complete initial produce safety assessment.

65 Farms draft produce safety plans.

May 26 farms begin CAPS pilot, their produce safety plans are review (by CAPS coordinator) and revised.
2016 January 24 complete CAPS pilot and become accredited.

CAPS team-review process complete

2016 Winter/Spring 2016 CAPS program revised by Advisers.

68  farms enroll in 2016 CAPS, and draft produce safety plans.

2016 May 68 produce safety plans reviewed and revised.
2016 November 61 farms completed 2016 CAPS.
2017 November 125 farms expected to complete 2017 CAPS

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