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VVBGA members Register and pay for CAPS HERE, before April 1, 2017!

Hmmm…Not sure yet?  Not a VVBGA member?  Just want to check it out? …read on:

  1. If you are new to CAPS, and want to check out the platform  (farmers or others), feel free to explore for free!  Just start an account at and explore. 
  2. To actually use the CAPS platform to help your farm, however, you must be a VVBGA member . Please register for VVBGA membership here if you want to really use CAPS ($35 membership fee, $45 after Jan 30).
  3. As a member, you can use the CAPS platform, with personal farm folder, for free, in addition to the other VVBGA benefits such as the farmer list serve, and the annual meeting.
  4. If you want CAPS Accreditation, you need to draft or revise your produce safety plan before the April 1, 2017 deadline, and pay the $100  CAPS fee here*.  If youHMF Farm Folder.jpg miss this deadline, you will need to wait till next year to get in. *Financial and technical assistance is available-contact coordinator below for more information.
  5. CAPS farms that meet the standards will have a sharable on-line farm folder (example right), complete with a CAP e-Badge/ certificate.
  6. Returning CAPS farms only need revise their plans and renew by April 1.
  7. If you are a farmer new to CAPS, create an account here and draft your produce safety plan before April 1Please note—you don’t need to pay the fee to start CAPS now, and draft a plan.
  8. If you choose to enroll in CAPS, you will get feedback on your draft plan and will finalize it by June 1.
  9. During the growing season you upload the additional six documents required to show implementation of your plan (see the 2016 CAPS Checklist for reference).
  10. CAPS entire Farm Folder is due by Nov 1, 2017, when your farm folder is reviewed for completeness by a team of farmers and agricultural service providers. You will have a four weeks to fix any problems or add missing elements. Then you become accredited for the following year. At the end of each year you  ‘roll over’ your plan, making changes as necessary.

Who do you contact with questions about CAPS?

Han Estrin of UVM Extension is coordinating the CAPS program, contact him at or at (802) 380-2109 (phone or text).