CAPS Required Documents

VVBGA’s Community Accreditation for Produce Safety (CAPS) Required Documents

CAPS has 18 standards that you verify within the seven different required documents listed below!

For an overview, see the CAPS Application ChecklistAlthough CAPS is completed on-line at you can preview the CAPS required documents below.

To become accredited by the VVBGA, farmers must meet the 18 standards stated within the 7 required documents below:

  1. CAPS  #1-#12 PRODUCE SAFETY PLAN–   Draft DUE by April 1 of each year. This is where farmers address the first 12 of 18 total CAPS standards for VVBGA Accreditation.  Preview CAPS Produce Safety Plan Prompts here,   and CAPS Plan Scoring Instructions for  here.   See examples for the required CAPS plan sample farm maps.
  2. CAPS  #13EMPLOYEE TRAINING VERIFICATIONDUE July 15 of each year. If you have employees, document how and when you trained them.  Feel free to modify and use the following examples: CAPS minimum Health and Hygiene Policy group sign-off form –adapt this basic template to your farm for employees to read and sign collectively ( Word version here), CAPS Health and Hygiene Policy Form ( based on USDA GAP template)– adapt this to your farm for your employees to read and sign individually. (  2016-CAPS Employee Training Log (PDF) to list names and training dates of your employees.  If you use this log–it will need to be uploaded as verification in CAPS # 13 (Alternately use and edit the word version here–CAPS Employee Training Log).  Watch or show this informal “10-cent Hand Wash” video to help with your employee training. (Warning –This is a informal “homemade” video –although not professional, the washing technique is SOLID!)
  3. CAPS #14MANURE AND COMPOST RECORDS— DUE Nov. 1 of each year. If you use animal manure on your farm (raw or aged), for compost production or field application, you need to record that use for CAPS, following the VOF-Guidelines for Manure-and-Compost. Optionally, you can record by hand, on one or both of these forms, and then upload them later.
  4. CAPS #15CONTAINER PHOTOS AND MANAGEMENT–DUE Nov. 1 of each year. Upload photos of major farm containers and describe how you clean and store them. Examples and information here.
  5. CAPS  #16WATER TEST RECORD-DUE Nov. 1 of each year. CAPS requires that your source of water used for washing produce is tested annually and has no E.coli bacteria contamination.  Click here for a CAPS water test description and instructions.
  6. CAPS #17WASH LINE PHOTOS AND SOP –DUE Nov. 1 of each year. CAPS requires additional photos and a standard operation procedure (SOP) for farms that wash a raw eaten crop like leafy greens. See Examples and information here.
  7. CAPS #18- Cold Storage and Thermometer Photos –DUE Nov. 1 of each year. For farms that need cold storage, CAPS requires additional photos of cold storage units(s) and accurate thermometers .  Farms with no cold storage simply need to exlain why they don’t need it.  Examples and information here.



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