CAPS Employee Training due July 17!

All CAPS farms are required to have and follow a simple common sense Health and Hygiene (HH) policy, confirmed from their account by July 17.   CAPS farms with employees are further required to verify that employees have received HH training.

These three standards are included in this training, at a minimum:

  1. HAND WASHING: Workers must thoroughly wash hands, after going to the bathroom, before returning to work, or as needed.  Need entertainment? …Please feel free teach the method demonstrated in this totally unofficial demonstration of the 10-Cent Hand Wash.
  2. SICK POLICY: If sick, workers should take care, rest up to get better quick! If sick with symptoms of an infectious disease (i.e. fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and jaundice), workers should not handle raw-eaten produce. Workers should always contact a supervisor if sick, and decided the best course of action.
  3. FIRST AID: Workers must promptly treat cuts, abrasions, and other injuries, and report them. Bleeding must be stopped, and cuts covered and protected before continuing work.

All employees should be informed of this basic policy (verbal and written) during their initial training and sign that they have read and understand it. Returning employees during their yearly reorientation, may simply sign that they have reviewed and understand the policy. HH training can be very short and simple (see #13 instructions  or download CAPS #13 documents here. Farms are welcome to use these provided templates, or make their own.kid hand wash.JPG

Please contact Hans Estrin if you have any questions or need any help (, or 802 380 2109).