2017 CAPS Plan Review and Revision

CAPS participation up 44% in 2017

During the Winter and Spring, 125 growers  registered on the CAPS site, and at least started plans.  By April 9th deadline, 91 farms signed up for CAPS accreditation (registered and paid the $100 fee) and submitted their  produce safety plans for review.

This participation is  44% greater than in 2016 (up from 63 farms)!


In addition to the coordinator, 17 individuals total (13 CAPS farmers and 4 Service providers) volunteered for the 2017 CAPS Review Team.  Over the next 2 weeks, the reviewers and the coordinator scored and comment on all of the 91 submitted plans.  The coordinator scored all 91 plans, and each reviewer scored 5-6 plans.  Thus each submitted CAPS plan gets two independent reviews.

The quality of draft CAPS plans improved significantly over 2016.  Over 60% of plans scored 100%, and only 3% have  major revisions to do.

2017 Revision stats


CAPS Produce Safety Plans can be revised and finalized between May 5 and June 5!

Each  plan has now been review and scored by two reviewers. Scores and comments are now available to farmers from their CAPS account.

To their review and scores, farmers log in at capsvt.org, go to “Produce Safety Plan” from home screen, and click on “View Reviewer Comments” below the link to your 2017 plan (see screen shot below). This will open a pop-up window with personal scores and comments.

If farmers received one or more “No” scores, they are required within 30 days to revise their plan.

If their plan receives a perfect score and they are satisfied with it (all “Yes”‘s or “NA”‘s),  farmers should submit it NOW or asap.

Once submitted, these finalized plans will be linked to farmers on-line CAPS farm folder, which they can choose to share with others.

To revise and/or submit finalized plan, from the Produce Safety Plan start page, simply click on “Create or Edit Plan” link to open the plan. When you are happy with your plan, submit it from the plan’s final input page.

CAPS reviewer comments

Contact coordinator Hans Estrin (hestrin@uvm.edu , or 802 380 2109) for assistance.