2017 CAPS Instructions

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CAPS PRODUCE SAFETY PLAN Submission DEADLINE  has been postponed 1 week–to April 7 at midnight!

How to get started with CAPS:

  • CLICK HERE  to check out a few slides showing what CAPS gets you.
  • NEW to CAPS?    …Just start an account at capsvt.org and explore for free!
  • To use CAPS to write and share your Produce Safety Plan, please join the VVBGA for $35/$45! VVBGA members get the CAPS platform, with personal Farm Folder and Share Page, for free.

 How to get a CAPS Certificate (New or Renewal):

  • Log in at capsvt.org and draft or revise your PRODUCE SAFETY PLAN by April 7th  (Renewing CAPS farms just revise existing plan).
  • Officially REGISTER FOR CAPS HERE and pay the $100 annual CAPS certification fee, by April 1st.Financial and technical assistance is available- contact coordinator for more information.
  • Get feedback on your plan and finalize it by June 7th.
  • By Nov. 1st, submit six additionally documents -required to show implementation of your plan–Each of below is linked to a more detailed description.
  1. Employee Training Verification (13)
  2. Manure Management Records (14)
  3. Farm Container Photos and Management (15)
  4. Water Test Record (16)
  5. Wash Line photos and SOP (17)
  6. Cold Storage Photos (18)
  • By Nov. 16th, receive a review of completeness from a team of farmers and agricultural service providers.
  • Take four weeks to fix any problems or add missing elements.
  • Become accredited for the following year. At the end of each year you  ‘roll over’ your plan, making changes as necessary.

Questions about CAPS?

Contact UVM Extension’s CAPS program coordinator, Hans Estrin– hestrin@uvm.edu or (802) 380-2109 (phone or text)