2016 CAPS Review Now in Progress

Congrats to all VVBGA Farmers who submitted their remaining CAPS Documents (#14-#18)!

64 of the original 68 farms submitted their remaining CAPS Documents by the review deadline—So, 94% of original farmers and almost done with their 2016 Accreditation, which will be valid through next growing season.

WHAT IS NEXT?   This is what CAPS farmers need to do to earn their final 2016 CAPS certificate/ e-badge:

  • Farmers will receive scores/comments from reviewers by Nov 19 Friday.
  • They will go to capsvt.org and review these scores and comments for each section (14-18).
  • If no changes are needed for a section (i.e. a “Yes” score), they should resubmit that section as “FINAL” right then and there, and it will instantly auto-link to their CAPS Farm Folder.
  • If they receive a “No” score on a section, they need to revise or add something in order to be accredited. That something will be described in the comments from reviewers (s).
  • CAPS farmers have one month, till Mon, Dec 19, to revise and finalize deficient sections, after which time 2016 CAPS will officially close!!
  • All sections will auto- finalize at mid-night on Dec 19.
  • Assuming required revisions are made, the CAPS coordinator will post new 2016 CAPS e-badges to farmers sharable folders! (these 8 X 11 certificates of accreditation  can also be down-loaded and printed for posting)
  • During the revision period (Nov 19-Dec 19), the coordinator is available to help farmers as needed, to address questions or logistical problems, and will officially notify and remind farmers about what needs revision.
  • Once Farmers finalize a CAPS section, it links to their farm folder, and they will no longer be able to edit it on-line until starting their new 2017 CAPS (they will not have to redo any 2106 work!)
  • If there is some urgent need to edit 2016 documents after finalization, farmers can ask the coordinator to resubmit an “Admin-edited version”, which will replace their final version in the 2016 folder.