2016 CAPS Now in Progress!

Eventbrite photo


As of our April 1 deadline, the 2016 VVBGA’s CAPS (Community Accreditation for Produce Safety) is now in progress.  Here are the numbers:

  • 68 farms have registered, paid and submitted CAPS produce safety plans for review,
  • 23/25 of the 2015 pilot farms have continued with 2016 CAPS (92% retention)
  • 5 of 2016 CAPS farms will participate in the Hannaford “Turbo” CAPS Pilot (wherein VVBGA, Hannaford, VAAFM, and UVM Extension develop a more-rigorous distributer-tier version of CAPS)
  • 17 additional farms have plans submitted or in progress at capsvt.org, but have not registered for accreditation.
  • CAPS has engaged growers with approximately 1,500 acres of vegetable production and an estimated value of $9 million in annual sales to date



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