Get on CAPS by April 1!

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For CAPS accreditation, you must complete a few tasks before April 1 !

This April 1 deadline (to submit your produce safety plan draft) is firm and automated—like a grant application.  If you miss it, you must wait till next year for another shot!  …so DON’T wait until the last minute  ..and NO Stress–it can be a ROUGH draft—you will have the merry month of May to revise it!

If you already have an updated produce safety plan, it will likely take you  1-2 hours to complete the tasks for April 1.  If you don’t have a current plan, it may take you 2-4 hours to complete.  You can work in small bursts or all at once.

If you have yet to and can,  please take 5 minutes RIGHT NOW to get started with task #1 below!

CAPS tasks—to complete by April 1:

  1. If you have yet to, create and account at  and set up your farm folder.  This is free, easy and only takes a couple minutes. DO THIS NOW if possible…so you can get on our auto reminder list!
  1. Draft you CAPS on-line produce safety plan (think short answer (like survey monkey) describing your current practices.  If you have a current plan, cut and paste into the short answer input fields, revising and adding as needed.  This will take 1-4 hours, depending on your starting point and efficiency**.     Good News: you will only need to do this once—next year your 2016 plan will auto populate for you to review and revise.
  1. Submit this 2016 plan for review by April 1 at the latest—2 weeks left!!  One click!  Submit your draft plan even if you don’t want accreditation! (If you do not register and pay for CAPS accreditation, your plan will NOT be reviewed)
  1. If you have yet to, register here for CAPS by April 1 and pay the $100 fee**—this will make you official—and is a separate step from creating an account!

** technical and financial assistance is available to help make CAPS equally accessible for all VVBGA members—email Hans for more info.

Feel free to contact me any time—I am here to support you with CAPS!

Hans Estrin

VVBGA CAPS Coordinator–Produce Safety Specialist, UVM Extension Brattleboro Office

Office:802 257 7967, Cell: 802 380 2109